Jig Dataservice takes care of the service relative to the technical data-sheets for Universal Jigs and direct sales of annual subscriptions that allow you to have access to the information contained in the Vehicle Database via Web or through shipment of DVD or prints.

All data are based on information available at the time of publication, Jig Dataservice is available at any time to ensure appropriate assistance in the event that the operators of the car body garage they deem necessary during their work, for cases in which there are discrepancies compared with the measurements given or other technical issues; often in these cases, a phone call can solve or prevent problems or wasting time!

In case of repair of a circulating cars not available in the Web (or in the DVD/prints in the customer's possession, it guarantees the immediate taking charge of the request and relative evasion in the shortest possible time, with procedures agreed from time to time on the basis of need.

In the case of requests for vintage cars data-sheets, Jig Dataservice can not guarantee the supply, but to disclose information on the basis of what has been collected in 30 years of experience and in some cases with the help of the customers themselves.

Customers who choose to subscribe the described service are invited to consider Jig Dataservice as a technical office inside the car body garage at the side of the operators and use that experience in order to rationalize the timing of repair, improve accuracy and therefore the professionalism.

Data Sheet - Schede Tecniche

Progetti Dima


Macchina Chief

Jig Dataservice takes care of the official technical service relating to Chief electronic measuring systems for the diagnosis and repair of the cars bodies. If the Chief electronic measuring system is connected to the Internet, Jig Dataservice can provide support via remote connection for problems related to the use and / or understanding of the software features and accessories that are part of the endowment of the system; in particular occurs the need to run Windows software updates that may be requested by the manufacturer Chief to ensure the correct operation of the program and if necessary, it organizes the direct intervention of the american official support service supervising its operation from beginning to end.

Other activities are:

  • Mediation between clients and Chief Europe in case of supply of accessories or replacement of defective hardware parts (in particular the laser scanner)
  • Supply of the official DVD Chief regarding new software updates
  • Providing an annual subscription of the official DVD Chief regarding updates on the Database of vehicles (new cars that come on the market)
  • Supply to customers covered by annual subscription, mini-update via e-mail (that is, the supply via e-mail individual data for vehicles are not in the Database)

Jig Dataservice provides its customers, their knowledge and experience gained in 20 years of working with Chief computerized systems, and is also available to provide demonstrations of the system for those who are interested to 'purchase.



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